Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep on Sketching!

As promised here are the latest sketches from my day out at the zoo last Wednesday. I can't emphasize enough how much I love ebony pencils. My film is going as planned, and there is little to update with that. I plan to upload my 11second club entry WIP as soon as I push it a little more. Committing to an 11 Second Club animation whilst also doing freelance and my film has been tough, but it's a learning experience and I never want to waist a good learning experience.

Enjoy said zoo pictures below.

I do so love drawing Giraffes

Finally got to see the polar bear and he did not disappoint.

One of the seals had cataract, made for a very frighting sight so close to the glass.

Got to see the Kangaroos up close, though they were sleeping. Lazy buggers.

The antelope/gazelles or whatever they were, were very active and fun to draw.

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