Friday, December 19, 2008

The new Title for my film scheduled to release around April 2009. I'll probably finish production by May, but it's always nice to have some elbow room, just in case. The story will follow 4 year old Aiden as he scales a huge mountain into the stratosphere!

In other news, I have a website in production. Hurrah! I am honored to say that I have with me two very talented artists who I will be sharing the site, and the costs, with. Mel Miller, a friend of mine as well as an amazing Illustrator and Animator. Even with work as good as hers, her happy and professional attitude leave most surprised when they find out her age. Niles Bontrager (hope I spelled that right) is the other artist on board, who's art always holds some sort of back story to it. Sometimes his work really engages me, even in just doodles, that and he has an amazing ability to work out interesting timing. It takes all my effort to keep up with these two, and I am really eager to start a site with them both.

Previews and links to the website will be available in future posts once I nail everything down.

With finals out of the way, and my Animatic finished for 'Because it's There' I can now focus on prip and preening much of my artwork for presentation, as well as flesh out a few character scenes from my film.

Sorry for the slow posts everyone, I'll try and be more regular from now on.