Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gearing up for July!

Well it's been a rough and roller coaster of a month. I've made considerable progress on my film, and will be making a trailer for it to give to the Stratton foundation probably on Friday. I've signed on to work on some ARMS-Masters work for my good friend Mike Winn. The project has many of the best artists and animators from CCS working together to help promote out of state work being sent to this northern state, and to show that Art and Animation can be found anywhere, not just in L.A. I recommend checking it out, you can find it at

Through exercise, summer classes, volunteer work, and my film I have found little time to work on other projects such as my 11 second club entry. Determined to finish what I had started, I spent what time I had left on the 29th and 30th of June working night and day to animate and polish the animation. I am happy with the end result, even if it isn't quite as polished as I'd like it. You can view the entry below.

Considering it is the 1st of July now, I might also announce that I have officially turned 23 years old. An uninteresting age, but another year gone by none the less. Here's hoping I live my rest to their fullest.


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Anonymous said...

Ahaha, that's awesome! I love the little one's moves and expressions.