Monday, October 31, 2011

Tour de Suit: Parte One

And so it begins!

The suit has been mailed out today to Los Angeles California for its film shoot. But before I packaged it up I treated it, and my fellow Powerhouse employees, to a walk around the studio. Many other Powerhousians were dressed up. Nicole was Mario, Rachel Peach, and Mary Luigi in a fun little game combo. Others I had met at the party last Saturday (still adorned in my Cog Armor), many of them dressed as pirates, roman legionaries, and quite a few Batman costumes including a wonderful Joker/Harlequin combo by Stephanie McCrea and her boyfriend Tom.

At the studio I faced off against Aaron in his stunning home made Jedi Costume. I have to admit, even clad in several inches thick of COG armor, a lightsaber is still a threatening thing to have dangling inches from your helmet.

I took a few poses for the Powerhouse Blog, and will be linking them soon.

Now I know how all those stormtroopers felt.

Die locust!


Stay tuned for more updates. I will also be uploading new film updates once I get some scenes in from my Michigan pals.