Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Doug Straton

In case you're taking a moment to browse my blog, I just wanted to say what a great pleasure it was getting to meet you. Your love of art and support of not only myself but both Mel and Derek is a much appreciated helping hand. I enjoyed describing the animation process with you, as well as introducing you to my friends, teachers, and parents. You'll be happy to know that I am picking up right where I left off only a week ago, on schedule to complete my film.

From left to right: Brian Stannard(my father), Me, Doug Straton, Scott Bogoniewski.

Two very happy Entertainment Arts Seniors.

All of us grouped together for a photograph at the senior show.

As you know, Mel, Derek, and I are all very grateful for your support and thank you for showing an interest in our art. I've got the meeting jotted down in my schedule and can't wait to speak with you again. Best a luck!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CCS 2010 Senior Show

Even till it's last days CCS finds ways to deprive me of sleep, though for good cause. This Friday I will be attending a CCS gallery show to be held in the Tubman building. All the seniors will be posting work to be sold and viewed by the public. My own gallery consists of ten pieces, eight of them for sale. Among the artists showing off their work is my good friend, roomie, and all around amazing artist Mel Miller, who won the runner up place for senior select and with it a massive wall space to showcase her work.

The biggest relief to come of this is the knowledge that after this I have a good month before I have to start worrying about school again. I've given CCS four good years, but as good as they may have been I will be glad to move on.

Best a luck