Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Video's for you!

Powerhouse Creative "War on the Z-Axis"

Powerhouse Animation has just released it's new website Powerhouse Creative!  With that a stunning new video to help rally the troops and inspire the public to help in the fight against the dreaded Z-Axis!  Help support your local traditional animation studio by favoriting, liking, and sharing this video to all your friends.    

Powerhouse Creative "Demo-Reel"

With the anti Z-Axis propaganda comes a demonstration of Powerhouse's work, including many shots I have had the privilege to work on.  It truly is wonderful working for such a diverse and high quality studio.  There's no telling what new job may come in but I always know that powerhouse will put out a professional and quality product. 

My Dad the Giant "Update 42"

In my own spare time, what little I have, I've been working on my short film "My Dad the Giant".  The most recent update showcases some WIP full animation from the current Proof of Concept shot I am working on to demonstrate what the final look of my film will be when completed.