Thursday, June 17, 2010

Updates from Billions of years ago

Things have been going well as of late. One of the coolest updates I can share with you is the purchase of my very first fossil. I got it at a great price, as most half this size go for 40 or so bucks, I snagged this beauty for 15. It's real, the people I bought this off of are a local store that purchases and sells precious stones and minerals from archeologists, miners, etc. and so I have confidence in their ability to discern fake from authentic.

I use it now to remind me of the great diversity of life, the vastness of all the creatures that have come before me and died so many years ago. It shows me how precious and finite life can be in this great cosmic arena, and so it is my duty to make it the best one possible.
Measuring in at 4" this is one of the larger Trilobites I have seen.

In other news, I'm keeping up as best I can with the zoo schedule. My Wednesdays are pretty jam packed. In the morning I get up and head for the zoo around noon, making sure to bring pencils, a sketchbook, and sunscreen. By the time I leave at 5 I have an hour to get back home, get some lunch and then it's off to the urban farm at which I volunteer from 6-8. After that is done I can relax and enjoy 'Wing Wednesdays' with all of my great friends and roommates at Buffalo Wild Wings. Wednesday brings a great sense of accomplishment and ends it with friends, it is by far the day I look foward to the most.

Below: Pictures from the zoo!

Giraffe eager for some treats.

The polar bear swam right over our heads!

The lions were actually pretty active, a welcome situation for any artist.

I don't know when I plan to upload my sketches, but there were plenty to be had.

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