Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tour De Suit: Parte Three!

The suits amazing tour is coming to an end, and what better way to end it than with a climax!  NorthernFive the film production company had contacted me after seeing the original Gears of War suit video I had posted on You-Tube, and propositioned me to use the suit in their latest film Left 4 Dead - Impulse 76 Fan Film.  I agreed and the Suit's amazing journey began.

Here, below, is a picture of the actor who played Marcus Fenix of Delta Squad in the movie wearing the suit, and filling it out far better than I, I must add.

And here is the film in all its glory!  It's a non profit fan film of Left 4 Dead with cameos from other popular video games.   The production value on this is amazing, and I was really excited to see the suit featured in such high definition, high quality, video.

Be sure to check out NorthernFive's other works at their website.  They were very professional and returned the suit in great condition.  Overall this has been a fun and exciting experience with a wonderful product made at the end.  As for the suit, I plan to purchase a mannequin and set it up in the corner of my office here at Powerhouse Animation.

Until then, thank you for following me along the suits journey through film, comic cons, and Halloween parties.  I doubt this is the last you will see of it.

-Patrick Stannard-