Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I've been up to...

"Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two"

I've had the great privilege to once again animate Mickey Mouse, as well as a few of his pals, and to be one of the few people who've gotten the chance to animate Oswald the Lucky rabbit.  I did this while working at the wonderful, Powerhouse Animation studios in helping Junction point release the sequel to their infinitely creative "Epic Mickey" game.

As an animation lover I appreciate the attention to detail and can spend hours spotting all the subtle, and not so subtle references to old animation classics that are littered throughout each and every level.  I enjoyed the amount of creative freedom I had when animating my scenes, even when we were on a short time budget.  As a result I came out of this with some shots I am very proud of, including this scene in which I did 95% of the animation, all but three shots.

Mad Doc "It's so sad"

It was a great learning experience in efficient animation, and was so much fun to work on.  Here's looking forward to a third installment! 

"Banner Saga: Factions"

Banner Saga is what I like to call a "Yahtzee!" moment.  I first learned about the project through kickstarter, and quickly backed it after seeing its deep world of vikings, giants, and magic. Little did I know that the studio producing the game was right here in Austin, and that I would have a chance to work on it.  Like I said... "Yahtzee!"

I've had a chance to play it, and I'm amazed at just how deep the strategy gets, how much thought goes into every move, and how the hours fly by when I'm playing it.  Not only has the game been critically acclaimed on such sites as Rock Paper Shotgun but it's art style has many people keeping an eye on this Turn Based Strategy game.  I worked on both the cutscenes and many of the in game assets, and now the BETA is live for you to check it out and try it for yourself!

There's more to come on this game, and this amazing multiplayer beta is just the tip of the iceberg, so keep an eye out on this project.

So that's what I have been up to.  My next updates will be about my film, so stay tuned everybody!