Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketches, Animations, little Children, oh my!

Man oh man, it's been awhile eh? Well CCS has been keeping me busy. So, here's the lowdown.

I've been working on an independent film 'This Way up'. It's a short piece that stars a young eight year old boy and his adventure up and down an impossibly large slide. It's basically a story about loss of fear. Aiden, the protagonist, loses his fear of heights by overcoming this obstacle. I'm toying around with ways to accomplish this project, one of which includes making 3d backgrounds with transparent planes in maya and rendering them, then overlapping animation onto it. But anyhoo, I bet you guys are eager for pictures, so here's a nice one. Aiden, the little Irish boy who fears slides.

While that keeps me awefully busy, I also have projects from my Tech 2 class. 2D traditional tech is a class that basically gives you lots of simple animation projects and works on furthering your knowledge of simple physics in 2d to acting. I know that sounds rather officious, but you know, gotta be politically correct and all. Well ok, I don't, but I'm not that good with words, so...
Anyhoo! Because I want to make leaps and bounds in my animation I am tackling each project with ambition and the hardest work ethic I can muster. I lose lots of sleep, don't eat too much, and I am aquiring an odd funk, but my work is crammin out like I've never seen before. I recommend you check out my youtube section at the bottom of this blog and let me know what ya think.

Ok, onto the Sketchbook! Well, I could explain all the ideas behind these drawings, but I think it better that you just view and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

Some final tid-bits before I go. I got my new kilt! I am very excited, and I wear it often. I will upload pics of it eventually, until now you just gotta use your imagination.