Monday, October 18, 2010

Portfolio and Ottawa

With Ottawa nearly here, I've been scrambling to put together a professional portfolio that showcases my work. I ended up creating two. The larger 8x11 portfolio shown below allows more space for sketches and process work, while my smaller 4x6 portfolio shows off my finished pieces only.


Puzzle Sketch and Vampire
Showing off my independent illustration and attention to design.

My former teacher, friend, and animation director of Thunderbean Animation brought me on to help him develop animated title sequences for the release of the "Private SNAFU" DVD. In order to get a good idea of both the character and construction of SNAFU, I stepped through many of the films and rendered the drawings in an effort to capture that Warner Bros. Style.

Some of my favorite sketches from my sketchbook.

"Because it's There" and Red Riding Hood
A poster promoting my 3rd year film "Because it's There" a story about a little boy overcoming his fear of heights, and a concept sketch for my rendition of the "Little Red Riding Hood" Story, set in a post apocalyptic setting.

Life Drawing
Drawings done through independent Life Drawing sessions held by both the school and friends.

Leprechaun designs based off of the most ancient myths I could find about them, whilst adding some aspects of Norse animals to the mix. Brandishing long red coats, tall tri-cornered hats, and goat like eyes, these are the type of Leprechauns that will leave you without your skin, rather than try and promote sugary cereal to you.

ARMS Masters: Hunter Concepts
My good friend and project lead Mike Winn, commissioned me to produce concept art, story boards, animation, and shadow modeling for "The ARMS Masters project". This design for a bounty hunter, aptly named Hunter, is influenced from panthers, tribal tattoos, and the Hyena Men of Africa. Details were toned down to prepare the designs for animation.

11 Second Club: Herbert and Gloria
Placing 9th out of 158 entries in the June 2010 competition of the 11 Second Club, "Herbert and Gloria" features a sloppy tiger and a sophisticated Ostrich amidst their quarrels at the dinner table.

Some of my favorite sketches from my sketchbook.

Environment Design
For a story concept involving prehistoric mammals and their rise to technological feats while riding dinosaurs, this environment showcases a lava distribution and thermal steam power plant that helps turn the gears of war for feuding tribes of prehistoric moles.

"My Dad the Giant": Emilio
Concept and animation sketches taken from my film "My Dad the Giant." Emilio is an 8 year old child searching for acknowledgement from a father who's far too emersed in his work to pay attention. Emilio's design is based off of a candle stick, with bright colors and upward direction to help him feel light and full of energy.

Father Sketches
Sketches of my father in caricature.

Caricatures of friends, strangers, and Marty Feldman.

"My Dad the Giant": Brianelli
Concept designs for Brianelli, the father character in my film "My Dad the Giant." In contrast to Emilio's design, Brianelli is designed to feel massive, slow, lumbering, and imposing. His heavy brow and arms are an effort to make him feel serious and intimidating. Deep set eyes needed to be flexible to reveal his softer side when he has a revelation towards the end of the film.

Big Bad Wolf
Concept design for the Big Bad Wolf in my rendition of the story "Little Red Riding Hood" set in a post apocalyptic setting.

Animal Sketches
Animal sketches done while attending the Detroit Zoo.


Demo Reel 10/2010 from Patrick Stannard on Vimeo.