Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Private SNAFU hits Amazon's shelves!

After much work, toil, and eager waiting the day has finally arrived. The DVD put together by my teacher and good friend Steve Stanchfield, "Private SNAFU Golden Classics" is finally done! I played a small part in the title sequence, boarding it out and then cleaning up the animation done by Mark Kausler. It was a joy to work on and watching Steve painstakingly restore each and every SNAFU short from it's 35mm film copy was both educational and inspirational. The cover art for the DVD was produced by Eric Goldberg, with the background done by my good friend Mel Miller.

Jerry Beck has graciously plugged the DVD at least two times on his famous blog Cartoon Brew! The latest of which hosts a video Steve let me upload to my Vimeo Channel; a special features commentary piece done by Jerry himself.

Private SNAFU, Golden Classics: Jerry Beck Special Feature from Patrick Stannard on Vimeo.

Link to the Cartoon Brew Post below:

You can purchase this amazing DVD at It will be under "Private SNAFU Golden Classics".

In other news, I have also been busy helping my friend Mel McCann out with her film "Flight" of which two animations I have done are now featured in my latest demo reel.

Demo Reel 12/14/2010 from Patrick Stannard on Vimeo.

Added to this I have finally finished the boards for a local feature project "The Littlest Angel", and may be brought in for revisions later. I apologize for the scant postings, but hopefully this blog post will demonstrate just how busy I have been.

Now, off to walk for graduation! Best of luck to everyone!