Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready for some animation?

Yeah! Oh wait, I need to punch paper, drat!

Getting ready to start the animation on my film, and boy do I have some catching up to do. It's the price I pay for pondering so much. I really wanted the story to my film to be strong before I started production. Well, it's got the green light so I've begun the x-sheeting. I'll be starting off with some simple shots, and move onto the more complicated later in the semester.

Above image: Mia holding Emilio in what looks like a very odd cross genre, they both look rather perplexed by the whole ordeal.

If you haven't seen Mel's blog, it's over in the side bar. She's already a third of the way done rough animating her film. How does she do it? Well, magic I think, and by taking sleep out of the equation. I swear sometimes I worry about that girl, well, that is until I join her face planted against a light desk. Woo sleep deprivation!

Until next time, Peace!

Monday, November 16, 2009

"My Dad the Giant" ReEdited Animatic

Concept: "A commentary on master apprentice relationships in the family."

Brianelli, a world famous renaissance painter, is trying to finish his latest painting but his son Emilio keeps getting in the way. Emilio's struggle for acknowledgment from his giant father conflicts with his fathers alone time. Only too late does Brianelli realize his son looks up to him.

Re-edited down to 4:30 min.

(Left-White Numbers)
Timer Minutes:Seconds:Frames(24 Fps)

(Right-Red Numbers)
Shot breakdown