Monday, September 29, 2008

Animation, Concepts, and Kilts! Oh my!

Well its seems this week is off to a good start. Not only do I have my financial stuff falling into place, but I have also been getting allot of work done animation and film wise. I finally think that my Concept is working well with my new film 'Slide' which will tell the story of peer pressure from both the people giving the pressure, and the one receiving it. It's very similar to my old film 'Art Bots' but with a slight twist.

My animation tech 2 class is going well, I have some general ideas of what I want to animate, and I'm glad it's so open. For this week we need to simply time our sheets out and get our shots laid out.

I've started an animation group that will be held every wedensday for students like myself to meet and help each other out on assignments and such, hope it goes through well. And of course, pizza will be served.

In other news, I just scored a free Utilikilt! How you ask? Well last year I worked by rump off making a large acrylic painting for the people at Utilikilts, I enjoy their products very much (don't know if you can tell) and so I went above and beyond to make a gift for them. Then someone put it into my mind that 'hey, maybe they would give me something back in return for this painting I had worked so hard on'. So I asked as nicely as I could, and they agreed to trade me a kilt up to the Survivalist Model. I agreed, and here is the model I am getting in the mail sometime soon.
This baby is made of a tough fabric with huuuuuge pockets. I mean huge, and many too! This sucker can hold up to twenty, count em twenty, bottles of beer! Oh man, I cannot wait to get that package in the mail.

So that's the weekly update, stay tuned for more!