Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taught in the ways of the interbutts!

Inside joke alert! Interbutts is Mel-speak for the internet.

My friend Mel Miller has often astounded me with her knowledge and expert handling of the many intricacies of the internet. Promoting her work on multiple sites, blogs, facebook accounts, print shops, and linking them all under one a similar style and main website hub. Meanwhile her boyfriend and my roommate Niles, has largely been absent from the vast seas of information, only recently braving the waters of the internet with a dingy of art to show. Thankfully Mel has agreed to take him under her vestigial wing and teach him "The ways of the interbutts."

I have taken it upon myself to try and promote myself over the over saturated information highway known as the internet. With two art gallery sites, a few forums, my website, and this blog I hope to allow prospective employers to browse my art and contact me with ease.

To conclude this blog-post I will shamelessly self promote myself as well as Mel and Niles.

Mel Miller's Internet Stockpile
Facebook: Mel Miller Art
Print Shop

Niles Bontrager

Patrick Stannard (Me)
DA Page:
Commissions Page:

...That's all folks!