Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Powerhouse Halloween!

Good evening fellow animators, friends, family, and acquaintances!  It's been a hell of a Halloween, the majority of it I spent in a 60 lb fiberglass outfit based on the popular game Gears of War.  See my exploits below.     

 Chowing down with my fellow Powerhouse'ians at Opal's, of course in costume.

 Working the armor at work.

 I rev up my chainsaw as Bruce(my boss) wields his steam punk rifle.

 The entire Powerhouse costumers.  All of these were wildly creative and spectacularly put together.

 Pallin around with Mandalorians at Wizard Con.

 Me and Pikachu (Kayla Kromer) at the Halloween party that Kayla was nice enough to host.

 I couldn't get enough of the star wars booth. 

 Me and Jason from The Loading Bar, looking awesome!

 Probably my favorite costume of the year!

Jason and Jeff of the loading bar rocking some amazing costumes at the Halloween Party, oh and Flinn photoboming! 

 Mystery Science Theater costumes for the win!  These girls were great at the Con, especially in the Gagnam Style music video that was filmed there. 

 TF2 Heavy verses a COG soldier, who will win!?

Standing stoicly next to a horrifyingly life like Jar Jar binks at Kayla's place during the Halloween party.

A video compilation by  on youtube showing off the various costumes, including mine, at Wizard Con 2012

Keep an eye out for more updates, and Happy belated Halloween everyone! Mwahahahaha!