Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zoo Drawings & "My Dad the Giant" Trailer

Been away for a bit, but don't think it was so I could slack off. ;) My film is still going as planned, and I'm almost done with the full animation. Some scenes need some tweaking before tie down, but overall the film is looking nice. While I've been working on my film I have also taken up some more zoo drawing trips with my friends. They were right, drawing animals is very addicting.

I will also be doing another dialogue animation test with internet friend and very talented animator Beatrice who's blog you can view by clicking her name.

Below you will find my drawings and trailer.

The Trailer is for the Stratton Foundation, to accompany a podcast Doug Stratton hosted with me. Check it out on July 17th, and make sure to explore the site at the

I have not been in contact with Tyler Scarlet for some time, and until then I will not be updating my "My Dad the Giant" production blog. I like to host both backgrounds and animation when I make updates. Once I receive the background I will update with animation as well.


Kevin Slawinski said...

I still can not get over how well you did that Zebra. Very nice foreshortening/overlapping going on in all these. I also can't wait to see some more of "My Dad The Giant" work that you've done. ;)

Tom Conger said...

That kudu in the third one is awesome! Great stuff. Really energetic.