Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greening up Detroit

After being inspired by "Love Each One", I took some initiative and wandered deep into the 'ruins' of Detroit. Passing many an abandoned school or boarded up apartment complex, holes so big you could drive a car through them, and dilapidated Victorian houses, I came to my destination. It took a few tries and some wandering about in areas I wouldn't usually recommend, but once I got to the CFA building I was greeted with a blossoming garden and the promise of new life.

Stressful times and stressed friends has been pressuring my urge to do something productive and helpful. The farm turned out to be much larger than I expected, with fewer workers than I expected as well. The work day was comfortable and the people were welcoming. I spent the day getting exercise by tilling the land, preparing it for planting flowers. The day as a whole was refreshing, enjoyable, and something I'm eager to attend again.

Below are some snapshots I took towards the end of the workday.
Some of the workers were kind enough to take my picture.

Many cages were filled with new born baby bunnies, too cute!

Just like a rural farm, goats needed to be milked.

A beautiful horse of a breed unknown to me wandered the back fenced in area.

The local farm cat was very loving, and eager for pets.

They even had a pond for geese and ducks.

Many of the young goats were eager to great me at the fence.

The majority of my fellow volunteers, the gal in the middle with the hat is the coordinator.

The old school architecture juxtaposed by the lovely red barn. Notice the copper tops on the school.

The elderly gentleman actually rode the horse for awhile. At sunset it made for a stunning image.

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