Friday, May 28, 2010

Update from the Zoo!

Went to the zoo this past Wednesday and had a blast! It's refreshing to get outside and draw without a deadline. The sun was blistering and the shade was scarce, but I had good friends and talented artists to keep me company. Upon returning home I began working more on my film, I'm beginning to fill out and tie down a lot of my animation. As a whole it seems like a lot of work, but the filling and tie down phase is always the most relaxing for me. On top of this my loans have been approved, and now I simply have to wait until I can register for the classes I plan to take this summer. After a stressful year at CCS some relaxation is very welcome.

Below: Zoo Doodles!


Stevie Ray said...

Hi Patrick! I don't know if you remember me but I took you Mikey and Stan to eat Korean food that one time during your Disney internship! I remember you didn't like the LA traffic!

I hope you're doing well! looks like you finished your senior film, congrats!!! I bet it turned out great!

good luck with your future plans, whatever they may be! :)

LampshadeMan said...

How dare you cut off the face of God's greatest creation, the anteater! I demand you take it down or fix the drawing.

Patrick Stannard said...

Try clicking the image for a larger version Jodie. ;)

LampshadeMan said...

Okay, I see the face is not cut off in the bigger image. However the tail is still cut off. I mean they were given a broom for a tail by nature, how awesome is that? The least you could do is capture that accurately.