Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Portfolio

In an effort to save money and still be able to pass out portfolios, I was turned onto an interesting type of miniature photo album that can be purchased for $1.20, by my good friend Kate Burk. The standard size for images that can be placed in these albums are about 4x6. I created around 17 portfolio pages so far, some meant for two page spreads, and I will probably only make around 20 in total. It is an interesting practice to create pages for a miniature portfolio as it really forces me to be selective in what I put in and how I display my artwork. I opted for a brown paper look, as it's something I've been fond of ever since I bought my first toned sketchbook. It also has a nice texture to it that I find appealing.

I wanted to show variety, though I am sure I could benefit from drawing more females, environments, and animals. Other than some life drawing pages I believe the production is complete. It's an interesting experiment and I am eager to see what responses they get at Ottawa.

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