Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A years worth of sketches!

Just this yesterday I had the privilege to move into a more comfortable desk at my favorite company, Powerhouse Animation.  One of the companies longest and most admired directors decided to leave after many years of service to pursue mission work in the Dominican Republic.  His absence has been felt everywhere, and manifested strongly in the now vacant corner office he once occupied.  To fill this void Powerhouse decided that it was high time another honored employee got promoted to the space, and his own personal office.  That person was not me, and nor should it be, I've only been there for a year guys!  But, I was able to snatch up the desk my coworker left behind towards his brand new work space.  

So now I get to hold onto my traditional animation roots that much stronger with a refitted light table mounted with a Cintique.  I've only had a day to try it out, but already I am noticing much less discomfort in my back now that I don't have to bend over as much, and a bit of nostalgia to brighten my work experience even more than it already is.

During the move, I cleared out my old desk of all it's little notes, scrap pieces of paper, and all the materials I seem unable to keep my busy pen away from.  I swear I make better doodles on pieces of paper not designed for art than I do on canvas or in my sketchbook.  Those grade-school., middle-school, well high-school, hell college. . . days of doodling on my homework never seem to have left me.  While I don't have any homework left, there's nothing to stop me from sketching on a yellow notepad, or a sticky note, or one of the weekly meeting pages we get, during my downtime. 

I decided to scan all the silliness and share it with you.  Sorry for being away from the blog for so long, hope this makes up for lost time. 

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