Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Custome T-shirts

So a mixture of Gears of War 3 hype and a bit of home sickness has spawned this rather odd but enjoyable creation. Putting my favorite Detroit-mates together as a band of Cog soldiers, on a series of T-shirts. Each one will feature the wearer's character, their custom Cog symbol on the back as well as the entire team banded across the back shoulders.

Work at powerhouse has been exhilarating and challenging. My first project with them is nearly done and I can only hope that it goes public. I have now also been officially added to the powerhouse website in the profiles section. The theme was 1930s-1950s studio setting, so I picked the role of a recent immigrant Irishman who's slightly insane and massively drunk.

My film is in production again and my good friend Mel Miller just finished up the "My Dad the Giant" promotional poster. Check out the phenomenal work she did on her blog: http://melmillerart.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading!

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