Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A project worth backing!

My good friend Akin Bilgic is doing a project to help promote happiness in his local community. He is looking to raise $3000 in under 60 days! Donate if you can, promote this to your friends, and help him reach his goal so that he can give some joy to those in San Fransisco!

Here, taken from the site is a description of the project.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The SF Mirrors Project is a public art project with one simple purpose at it’s core - to spread a bit of random happiness. The idea is to create a public art installation overnight throughout the city of San Francisco (my home) spreading messages of inspiration, encouragement, and hope.

To do this, the plan is to purchase as many mirrors as possible through your support here on Kickstarter. These mirrors will be roughly 3 feet tall by 1.5 feet wide, and made from acrylic for safety reasons. At the top of each mirror in bold lettering, we’ll inscribe a one-sentence inspiring message (some of which will be supplied by the Kickstarter community). Then once all of the mirrors have been prepared, a team of friends and I will choose a late Sunday night to place the mirrors throughout the entire city - onto bare walls, sides of buildings, and other public spaces. It’s my hope that the people who walk past these mirrors in the following days will stop, take a moment to look at themselves, read the messages, and walk away feeling inspired, confident, and happier, which in-turn hopefully gets spread to others they interact with.

And for now it’s just San Francisco, but depending on how well this goes, in the future it could be the multiple cites throughout the US, or even international.

WHERE THE MONEY GOES: Every dollar raised here goes directly into covering the cost of the mirrors. So bottom line: the more money, the more mirrors, and the bigger the project becomes. I’m anticipating a cost of around $25-35 per mirror... hopefully a nice big bulk order will help keep the price as low as possible. If you know someone that might be able to get me a killer deal on the mirrors - please let me know.

SAFETY / LOGISTICS: The mirrors will not be glass based - but will be shatter-proof plastic based. This is for safety reasons as the last thing I want is for one of the mirrors to fall, shatter, or otherwise hurt anyone. The mirrors will be stuck to walls with a strong but NON-PERMANENT adhesive foam tape, so if the owner of a building doesn't want the mirror there - they have the right and WILL be able to take it down without any damage.

SUPPORT THE PROJECT: Check out the rewards section to see what we can give back if you want to help fund the project. Even if you cant afford to contribute, I encourage anyone to leave their comments and feedback about the project. Please spread the word online through sites like Facebook and Twitter or any blogs you like. Thanks for checking out the project - Let’s do something genuinely amazing.

You can help this project by going to

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