Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Fun!

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With all this animation going on, I felt I needed to do some fun doodles to loosen up and relax. So without further adieu let me present the Gears Squad!

The Team

Jay Norm (the Brawler): Armed with a gnasher shotgun, Jay takes his fights up close and personal. Often the first met on the battlefield, he waists little time in assaulting the enemy. Snipers may have a hard time hitting his armored frame as it ducks and weaves amongst the cover, steadily inching forward. His assaults can however be halted with well launched grenades.
Niles (Soldier/Sniper): Niles Bontrager fills the exact opposite position to Jay. His well calculated attacks are often fought at long range. Close range battles can offset his usual calm demeanor and he will be quick to distance himself from his enemies. Though not the quickest at reflexes, his ammo stocks keep him well prepared, and if he sights you early chances are he will be keeping an eye on you during the entire assault. Staying stationary against him is a recipe for death and you'll soon find your head separated from your neck via a well placed sniper shot.
Patrick (Scout/Demolitions): Patrick (dat's me!), doesn't fill any particular niche in the squad other than to disorient opponents. Relying on quick calculations and psychological warfare, Patrick employs a series of grenade volleys and quick sporadic movements. Always the team player, if you are spotted by Patrick bet on the rest of his team knowing where you are. Quick to learn opponents comfort zones, never rely on one strategy alone when dealing with him as he will likely try to turn your own plans against you. Catching him off guard or dealing with another enemy is the best strategy as his multitasking isn't up to par with the rest of the squad.

Mel(Team Spirit): The newest addition to the team, Mel has little experience but a lot of pep. Her best contribution is off the field, keeping Niles well fed and encouraging him with smooches and hugs. It's an odd strategy, but one that seems very effective. Her first encounter with Patrick left him without a torso, compliments of her shotgun.
The Kids (Cayla and Jake): Joining the team by force, Cayla demands authority and munchies, while Jake is happy enough not to be shot. Her hunger for power has injured many team mates, and left Niles with a well serrated groin. In battle they combine forces to create a force that is very awkward to watch. Lacking the evolutionary trait of dexterous thumbs, they offer up distraction at best. Leaping up onto their squad-mates laps often causes sporatic movements and shows of flail that more often than not drops the enemies guard.

Some more Gears fun!

All drawn after hours in Senior Studio to the laughter of one Mel Miller.

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Mel Miller said...

So, So very epic. And hey, you! Please post some of your latest My Dad The Giant tests - They're so fantastic! You're creating some really amazing work for that film. It's been a blast to see it come together :D