Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready for some animation?

Yeah! Oh wait, I need to punch paper, drat!

Getting ready to start the animation on my film, and boy do I have some catching up to do. It's the price I pay for pondering so much. I really wanted the story to my film to be strong before I started production. Well, it's got the green light so I've begun the x-sheeting. I'll be starting off with some simple shots, and move onto the more complicated later in the semester.

Above image: Mia holding Emilio in what looks like a very odd cross genre, they both look rather perplexed by the whole ordeal.

If you haven't seen Mel's blog, it's over in the side bar. She's already a third of the way done rough animating her film. How does she do it? Well, magic I think, and by taking sleep out of the equation. I swear sometimes I worry about that girl, well, that is until I join her face planted against a light desk. Woo sleep deprivation!

Until next time, Peace!

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Mel Miller said...

Welcome to the dark side, good buddy. We have COFFEE... and the occasional fatigue-induced coma. It's more fun then it sounds, I swear!)

Also, OHMYWORDyoudrawacuteMia! *super epic happy flail!* Thank you for drawing my little lady with the-ever adorable Emilio! May I share this awesome adorable pic with folks on my blog?