Friday, February 28, 2014

New Film Animation!

"My Dad the Giant" Title Card
"My Dad the Giant" Title Card from Patrick Stannard on Vimeo.

As always it has been a busy year, with viking saga's, wrestling sharks, new opportunities, and new adventures.  This isn't to say that I've forgotten about my film, which is at it's 4th year of development since I started it in 2010.  It's been a struggle to continue work on it as I started a new job, moved to Texas, rented a house with my girlfriend, worked consistent freelance to help pay for bills, and dealt with the untimely death of my father.  But in my hours of free-time, what little I've had, I have been steadily animating on my film, determined as ever to finish it.  Above is the completely animated title card.  I have been going through shot by shot in order of succession to avoid spending too much time on the juicy shots and not enough to the rest.

Expect more in the future!

Film poster drawn by me and rendered by Mel Bontrager (Mel B!)

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